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08 October 2010 @ 02:38 pm

This is odd for an introductory post. But if you understand this, then we must have been from the same planet. :)
If you still don't, skip this and read the next paragraphs instead.

leitoph is a journal supposedly dedicated to my Avatar The Last Airbender (ATLA) fandom.
But by the seen and unseen power of Tegoshi Yuya I became a NEWS fan / Chankapaana,
so drastic that this journal now contains more NEWS stuff than ATLA stuff!
Also, I'm a newbie KARA fan / Kamilia. Aside from NEWS lots of KARA stuff are in here too.
And recently, Kis-My-Ft2 was added to my stans list!
(I still don't have any posts related to them here, but... We'll get to that. LOL)

This journal is semi-personal; rambles and rants, randomness and spazz can be found.
Plus occasional graphic posts!
However, the "main" things I post nowadays are album and single reviews. I'm enjoying doing this kind of stuff XD

Thanks for visiting! ♥

P.S. My name (screen name, to be exact) is Leya.

And oh, another thing:
My journal isn't friends-locked or whatever, there's nothing to be locked here.
And since I don't have a huge concern for privacy, you can just add me and I'll whole-heartedly accept ya. ♥


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On track:: Chankapaana - NEWS
18 December 2020 @ 10:53 pm
Lately I've been making icons (and other edits) but sadly misplacing them. ><
So I have to make a masterpost for all my graphics. I hope I can always update!
note: because this is a masterpost, not all stuff here are NEWS-related (though most of 'em are~)

icons *NEWS*Collapse )

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Feel free to grab; credits are appreciated!
If the f-o banners are too big for your journal, you can always resize the pics to your preferred size ^_^
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On track:: Pokoponpekorya - NEWS
How fast does time fly? Fast enough for our beloved group to celebrate its eleventh year of existence before we can even move on from the tenth!

NEWS' 9th anniversary was grand, because it was its first anniversary as a four-member group. NEWS' 10th anniversary was majestic, because the group was obviously in its 10th year. I started making this post, thinking, "What will everyone do for NEWS' 11th year? What will members do on their anniversary? Is there a way to make this September 15 just as memorable as the past NEWS anniversaries? Of course I couldn't contribute much to the fandom and I have always been like that (Sorry I was an inattentive fan back then!)... But I thought I had to keep doing my 'tradition' whenever the fated day of the year comes, and that is to have my own little gift: A blog post dedicated to NEWS.

But wait, there's a twist to this. Unlike my previous anniversary posts, this tribute comprises other fans' thoughts, feelings, and a little bit of their fandom history.. In other words, I did an interview to Chankapaana around the world! (you could imagine me flying to all the countries mentioned in ONE -for the win- *kidding*) Thanks to social networking sites and blogs, I somehow made this a success LOL. The interview consists of three (3) basic questions about the "Life of NEWS Fans"--or simply, what made these people like NEWS, love NEWS, and stay with NEWS. Think of it as the interviews you read in Myojo, Popolo, etc... But instead of NEWS you'll read the fans' words! Yes, this is our Ai Kotoba. #てずてってとってNEWS
(original shop photo credit to inala)

Please take note that most of the fans interviewed here (including me) obviously aren't native English speakers so there are grammar lapses. I didn't want to change their original messages so I left them as they were, the way they were typed--even the capitalization and punctuation (except for some words/phrases that definitely needs correction).

[1. How did you become a fan of NEWS?]
1. How did you become a fan of NEWS?

Minori, Japan
I watched NEWS on TV. So I thought "Wow, they're so cool"

​ Ghea, Indonesia
I became news fan because of my sister's friend. she showed me a news pv, news nippon if i'm not wrong. XD and she showed me some photos of JE too like jin akanishi, etc. Then i started to search some infos about news. i was searching for their photos, videos, interview, etc. without i realize i suddenly like them, but now i love them. XD

Tata Massu, roleplayer
I only knew Yamapi first from his drama Nobuta wo Produce. One day, I was watching Music Station on Animax then suddenly I heard this uberly cute song from an adorably boy group. All I can see is the title of the song which is weeeek but I still didn't know who's the band. Ever since then, it was always on my mind and I was desperately looking for it. On my birthday, my sisters downloaded the song as a gift for me and that's when I found out that the band's name is NEWS.

Samara, Brazil
I became a fan of News after I met tegomass by anime lovely complex, was this year ♥

Katherine, Canada
Originally a KAT-TUN, but the interaction between members of KAT-TUN x 4nin NEWS had shone through me to become a fan of NEWS.

Hana, Equador
I watched Hana Yori Dango and I knew Matsu Jun, then I knew Arashi, Arashi drove me to JE, And finally I fell in love with NEWS.

Hayame, Philippines
INFLUENCED by FRIEND whom I met when I bought a NEWS ALBUM

Sondos, Jordan/U.S.A.
I became a news fan in late 2010 when i stumbled by an anime called Lovely Complex. The first thing that caught my attention was the opening and ending. i absolutely loved both which brought me into searching up who these lovely singers were. I have then found Tegomasu~ I never look up artists when i like a song so looking them up feels like destiny to me. Ever since my discovery with this amazing duo.... ohmygawd i could not stop. i looked them up 25/8 and i was practically addicted. Around that same time, i found out that this duo was actually a sub group from a bigger group that are actually 6 lovely members in a band called NEWS that soon controlled my life till this day.

Demi Tokyo Inooshi, U.S.A
Saw a video on the internet

Bena, Malaysia
Honestly i started liking JE when i watched Kindaichi, but that time acting by tsuyoshi.. then from that i know existence of JE maybe around 2001.. then i follow johnnys jr including kattun.. then once NEWS debut I started to become their fan coz i love K.K.kity.

Mary Grace, Philippines
Actually I became their fan way back 2008 when I first watched their weeeek PV, I really love the PV and the song so much that I always listened to it, But I get too busy in my college life that when I came back to the fandom they were already four left. At first is so shocking for me that happened but I get over it when I watched their UtsuCon and I must say I really ♥ 4-nin NEWS more.

Amy, Russia
Well, first I didn’t like them. I was a fan of KAT-TUN. Then I saw Tegoshi’s Ai nante performance and I fell in love deeply and for a long time.

Issa, Argentina
My friend gave me "Ichi ritoru no namida" and after a little of tears -literally!- I made a research on the protagonist Mr. Ryo Nishikido, and Mr. Google-sama took me the 1st video I saw of NEWS in my life: a  live perf. Koi no ABO!! and then Eito's OOSAKA obachan ROCK! and my face was like > D:"Are you serious? is that the same guy from the drama?" well it was the same guy LOL and then all my crazy devotion to these insane boys started...2009

[2. What are the things you like about NEWS?]
2. What are the things you like about NEWS?

Minori: Everything!!

Ghea: What i like about news... i like all things about them. they're just perfect~ ♥

Tata Massu: I think I love the pureness of NEWS. I like their style and their songs. They're far too normal for being a JE Idol but I think that's what makes them unique. They're relate-able and simple.

Samara: I like them because they are lovable, funny and incredible. ♥ :)

Katherine: Happiness and laughter that each member has given to all Chankapanas

Hana: I love everything about NEWS, their voices, their songs, their boys, everything! :3

Hayame: THE UNIQUENESS of the TUNE of their songs and also their individual personality

Sondos: The things I like about NEWS is obviously, everything. From as small as making stupid puns, changing hairstyles, magazine photoshoot etc. to as big as their will to stay strong after so much, their faith in the fandom, their hard work, the love they teach us, the love they spread to us, the inspiration they gave to us, and the list goes on. I love everything. and everything is news. Everything is what makes up news.

Demi Tokyo Inooshi: The music, fun personalites, Tegoshi :D

Bena: Their love towards their fans as same as we love them. another are their members ai!! i love all their characters~

Mary Grace: I super like NEWS that so many things pop out in my mind, but among all, I like NEWS because of Koyama Keiichiro, Masuda Takahisa, Kato Shigeaki and Yuya Tegoshi, because of them we all have a group that we love and that is NEWS.

Amy: What I like about NEWS? I’ve already wrote all this stuff in my previous (Tumblr) posts. You can check them out on my blog under the tag “My thoughts” and “My ramblings”. But to sum it up I can say, they are positive and hyper and all over the place when they perform and they are in sync whic is important, since KAT-TUN are bad at dancing. lol

Issa: Thing Iike the most: courage and dedication (aren't they the most brave members of that Evil Agency?? of course they are! can overcome anything!!!)

[3. Say a message to NEWS!]
3. Lastly, say a message to NEWS!

Minori: I luv U alot<3  "4ever10ve"
I don't know what to say LOL
Just I luv you;)))

Ghea: I hope NEWS will release a single and album as fast as possible and make a concert again. i hope they make a concert in indonesia. and i want them to have variety show, it'll be cool. T.T i love NEWS so much. ♥

Tata Massu: NEWS Ganbare! I'll support you until the end!

Samara: NEWS dear, I'm very happy to have known you, you are within my heart.I'm going love them forever and I will be always  a Chankapana faithful ♥ I love NEWS now and forever !! ♥ ^_^

Katherine: The hardships, the tears, and the happiness that NEWS went through had motivated me to stride forward, and for that, thank you, NEWS~

Hana: Please, don't stop fighting ever, fans always are waiting for you. Thanks for making my world happier. ♥ I love you so much.


Sondos: The first thing I want to say to NEWS is, thank you. thank you for these 5 years we shared together. thank you for the memories, the love, the strengths, the weaknesses, the tears, the laughs, thank you. thank you for believing in this beautiful fandom that i consider my second home. thank you for believing in yourself when people told you it wasn't possible to continue. thank you for cherishing and protecting this impossible dream we have embraced and loved as a whole. thank you for being there when i had no one to turn back to. thank you for grasping to that small hope after losing so much. thank you for the beautiful moments i have shared with you through out this journey. thank you for being thankful. thank you for being my inspiration, my role models, my family. sometimes the word "thanks" can't express a huge emotion of what someone wants to show gratitude for. all the "i love you"s and "thank you"s in the world combined cannot express these emotions i have towards you. thank you, thank you for everything. these past 11 years have been a bumpy road but you showed how to over come any obstacle in your way. NEWS, I love you from the bottom of my heart, right here, right now and tezutettetote (take out the te) HAPPY 11TH ANNIVERSAY. FOR EVERY PROUD MOMENT AND FOR EVERY LOVELY MOMENT, THANK YOU. and last but not least, thank you for showing me that a four-leafed clover truly is lucky ♥

Demi Tokyo Inooshi: I MISS YOU SOOO MUCH!! Please keep fighting and I hope you have lots of new activities and happiness ♥

Bena: Whatever happens, i will never change my love towards NEWS. this is my promise!

Mary Grace: First of all domo Grace desu! ^_^ Otanjoubi Omedetou NEWS-kun I hope to see more of NEWS but it is also ok to wait as long as NEWS is there. I want to thank NEWS to all the love they have to the fan, because they always thinking about us. Hope they enjoy their 11th birthday on September 15, NEWS Ganbatte ne  ^_^

Amy: “Can I become your friend, please, please, please? I can play soccer, I like to eat and I can dance Chankapana, which is very awkward and emberessing when a 27 yo girl starts dancing in the middle of the street out of nowhere. But that’s how I greet my friends, and besides being dorky, it is very cute." And thanx to NEWS songs I learnt many Japanese words, which is very helpful now when I take Japanese classes.

Issa: THANK YOU & I LOVE YOU (with ALL the meaning these expressions may include)

I thank these wonderful fans who were ready to share little pieces of their feelings. In fact, most of these people aren't close to me at all; technically, we live at different sides of the globe, and I don't talk to them in a regular basis. It actually took me a lot of courage to invite these people for a random interview. Truthfully only a quarter of the people I messaged in FB and other sites responded. As much as I'd hoped all countries to participate, of course there are many reasons for them not being able to reply. Anyhow this post turned out quite decent, didn't it? :)

As mentioned earlier, before starting this tribute I was wondering how fans will celebrate NEWS11th, when NEWS doesn't have any activities at the moment. Then one by one fan groups from different countries announced their projects! (Have you joined any of those? Join and spread the love!) Some are still ongoing I think. Let's do it for the fandom's sake ♥

By the way, one of the people interviewed asked me to answer my own questions and include them in this post! WARNING: I ALWAAAAYS GIVE LONG, DETAILED ANSWERS. But here I'll try to shorten as much as I can. ^_^

  1. I first heard about the group NEWS in 2009 when one of my classmates had a crush on Massu and my best friends were teasing her about it... I joined in the teasing despite not knowing who that Massu was (LOL). One day I went to my bff's dorm to borrow her laptop but at that time they were using it for something else--watching a NEWS concert. They told me to stay so that I could finally know who's the Massu, so I stayed. I saw Tegoshi instead and I fell for him at first sight! ^o^ But I didn't bother to research about him nor NEWS. After some time I remebered nothing except the name of the member I liked: Yuya. xD Maybe I wasn't supposed to become a fan that year? But the year later, 2010, my roommate who was a newbie fangirl (Massu-biased too) introduced me to Tegomasu and I immediately loved their musicality. I recognized Massu but not Tegoshi. We began researching, and little by little I discovered that Tegomass is a subgroup of NEWS. And the Tegoshi in Tegomasu is actually the Yuya in NEWS. I believe in fate, so, here I am now. HAHAHAHAHA ♥

  2. It's a hard question now that I'm answering it myself! What I like about NEWS: diversity of the members. Koyama is totally different from Tegoshi, Tegoshi from Shige, Shige from Massu and Massu from Koyama but when they are together it's the perfect chemistry. I know I'm just being biased because Arashi's bond is HANDS DOWN but I like NEWS' aura overall... In performances, backstage, Soukon, etc. I also like their history; it's colorful, it's beautiful, it's something realistic. NEWS had taught me lots of things too. They're inspiring~

  3. NEWS, I wish I had known you earlier because I want to show you how loyal I am to you. But anyway... You were just an interesting group to me before, you are an amazing family to me now, and you will be an irreplaceable existence to me forever. Right now you're on your 11th year, I hope you'll be going on till eternity and I will be with you!


Done! If you are reading this, thank you too! Assuming you're a NEWS fan, you can also answer the interview if you like. Comment away! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, NEWS AND CHANKAPAANA!

(crossposted on my blogspot and tumblr. Check them out too, especially the tumblr post, because it's slightly different)
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On track:: チャンカパーナ - NEWS
Happy 1st of September! MERRY CHRISTMAS folks! Just kidding :)

Last month, August, was a very busy and active time for me and fangirling but I didn't post here even once??! I'm sorry. I'll try to summarize the memorable moments and news! And it's not just about NEWS!!! Here we goooo~ popopo xD

  • JULY probably was the happiest month for Filipino Tegoshi/NEWS fans because he came to the Philippines (It was May-June actually; the ItteQ episode aired on July)... But AUGUST was the happiest month for Filipino J-lovers... Who doesn't know the #KenshinManila event? Due to certain circumstances I wasn't able to attend, though most of my friends were. *le cries* There are lots of news and articles regarding the two-day stay, I can't give my personal thoughts so here's one from the media: (Munetaka Aoki is so astig!!!)

  • SEVEN COLORS has a PV. If I'm not mistaken, it was only limited to the FC members; lottery and all that stuff. But everyone in the fandom is just so downright generous (always been and we know that for sure), and... Ta-da! One of their happiest PVS. Please look at Tegoshi's smiles to get what I mean. *I'm getting biased again... hihihi*

  • Kis-My-Ft2's double A-side Perfect World and Another Future. And here I am catching up with the Kisumai pace! (They've just released their third album a month ago, touring at the same time, released a single after a short while, then Busaiku strikes with another single again. Now I'm starting Nobunaga no Chef season 2. Oh Kisumai. I love you so much but it's honestly hard handling three active fandoms ok? THREE, YES, THREE. NEWS IS ACTIVE IN MY EYES EVEN THOUGH TEGOSHI'S ALREADY RANTING ABOUT UNFEASIBLE THINGS. AND THE BRAND NEW KARA... HAS COME BACK. Now you know why I didn't post anything this August. Because I'm busy with my fandoms all releasing at the same time which happened for the first time. Isn't that sweet? I can now say that I'm a multi-fandom-ed fangirl! I now know what it feels like! ♥)



  • Finally saw in flesh one of my closest friends in the internet, Dhes. It was my most hyper meet-up to date. All my timidness flew away. Right now I wanna see her again :) Btw I'd like to include a pic! ↓


Many things happened in August and I swear I wanna write 'em all here. But I still have more "projects" to do, besides, I don't wanna make this post uber-personal. For the meantime I don't intend to combine fandom and rl stuff in one post so I'm ending it here! If I missed something important, f-list you can correct me anytime :)

P.S. What would you do on/for NEWS' 11th anniversary? If you got any plans let's talk about it xD
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On track:: MAMMAMIA - KARA
23 July 2014 @ 04:59 pm
Super late post but I still wanna do it! I have a lot to ramble about this single xD

Title: ONE -for the win-
Artist: NEWS
Release date: June 11, 2014
Tracks: 5
►L-R: the Limited Edition A and B jacket covers◄

General comments:

This single... Is one of NEWS' most powerful releases, because--and not just because--three of its songs were used in the World Cup. Musically speaking, here are the reasons why.

Read more...Collapse )

Song by song comments:

01 ONE -for the win- fits World cup in Brazil like a glove. The tropic sound and rhythm; percussion rolls, the chorus of ethnic voices to the inset sound of people cheering in the intro, the build-up in the refrains, and the "Viva la vida Brazil" at the start of the choruses... It's truly a high-spirited song with the spirit of the recent World Cup. The highlights in this song a.k.a. the-most-wonderful-thing-I've-heard-NEWS-sing-of is the 32 countries mentioned, all the countries that participated in the said event! See the effort there... And the Engrish. Lots of Engrish. Ostorariya is Australia, Kuroachiya is Croatia, Nejaran is Netherlands and so on. Massu's rap part where he sang 1/3 of the countries and 1/2 of the Engrish was a laughingstock to me the first time I heard it! Nevertheless, this song, with its melody and lyrics, is a celebration of unity among these countries. This is a very influential A-side with a fun yet unfortunately low-budgeted indoor PV (as always. ><)

Read more...Collapse )

Wrapping it up:

The past two singles, Chankapaana and WORLD QUEST/Pokoponpekorya showed what NEWS with 4 members can do. ONE -for the win- isn't about that anymore. It's now what they can challenge to become a more efficient and appealing singing group. They aimed for power and they earned it with power.

I have come to a conclusion that NEWS members have always been, and will always be, cohesive in terms of musicality, no matter how different their voices and styles were/are with one another, 9 or 8 or 6 or 4. This release is the newest (and arguably the strongest) proof. Turns out, ONE -for the win- is more than a product of the World Cup hype... It's NEWS setting the bar up, higher than what they've reached in the past ten years.

Album rating: / 5 lovely eighth notes out of 5!
Download the album (including the PV and the making in one!) go to rockthecliche. For the lyrics and translations, go to aitamashii :)
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On track:: Strawberry Dance - Kis-My-Ft2
21 July 2014 @ 04:00 pm

  • July 1 - aramatheydidnt has moved out of LJ! Good news because arama renewed itself through the launch of its "improved" version, aramajapan (we'll see in a matter of time if it really does improve). Sad news for the people who stayed in LJ because of arama--like me, who feeds in arama next to news_jpop. This one big move by arama made me realize again that the LiveJournal spirit has been long gone. T^T What will happen next?

  • July 2 - Kis-My-Journey release. Found the time to listen to it after more than friggin' 15 days. Hey, 2 weeks is long, considering I already dl-ed it the day after the release date. Matagal na sakin yung songs, wala lang talaga akong time makinig O_O

  • 1 month and 10 (?) days since ONE -for the win- release and I still haven't posted my album review. This is enough reason for a rant!

  • 3 weeks since ItteQ's Entertainer Tegoshi episode in the Philippines and I still haven't downloaded the HQ vid. All I have is the LQ copy. I can't with thiiiiiis~

These are all shallow ramblings but I just feel like a super-outdated fan despite having a new laptop. (Yes. Yeeeees. However, like our desktop, it's a shared laptop in our family. Who cares? Ako naman ang madalas gumamit LOOOOOOL) Anyway I'll try to post the 1FTW album review now to lessen the burden--I mean, rants. Ganbarimasu!

P.S. mocoharuma active ka na raw ngayon sa twi tita? Follow mo ako kahit di ako active dun! Haha. @leyategoshii
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On track:: Daisuki Desu - Kis-My-Ft2

Had I known this ahead of time, I would've kidnapped him. Of course I'm kidding. (Oops. Aren't jokes half-meant? xD)

(Above photo: Tegoshi, "PO", and the scenic Manila Bay)

A year ago, me and another Tego-biased friend, Ria, were rambling and ranting wildly about Tegoshi and how he already circled the countries around ours except for ours. We were frustrated, thinking that he should come here because we have a list (a funny list of reasons, from the things he could do to the tourist spots to the band of waiting, emotion-driven Tego-paanas like us!). I also thought that if he couldn't come here any sooner, then he wouldn't come here ever. I may sound like a pessimist but I was just realistic. Hello, Philippines is just one time zone away from Japan! Why can't he notice??? *this is shallow, I know it's entirely not his fault.* Despite the ranting I was just as hopeful as any international fan.

In the months that follow I loaded my imagination with Tego visiting Philippines, maybe for ItteQ or for a short vacation or maybe not just him--but all of NEWS--holding a little concert slash fan event. The first option, ItteQ, was the most reasonable. Though ItteQ went to Baguio (a Philippine city) years ago without him there's still a big possibility of filming an Entertainer Tegoshi segment here!! In fact, among all Johnny's talents, it is Tego who has the biggest chance of going to our country which is apparently "unknown" to Johnny's... Thank God for ItteQ. The pessimist/realist-turned-optimist/still realist me started to look forward, creating the line I never thought I'd diligently say to my self everyday: Pupunta sya rito. Kahit di ko na sya makita, ang importante pupunta sya rito. (He will come here. Even if I don't see him personally, what's important is he will come here.)

Indeed, he came. And indeed, I didn't see him personally.

It was harder than I thought. Filipino fans share the same sentiment--he came and he left, without the most of us knowing. I only got teary-eyed when the preview came out; the others cried hard! Nevertheless we were anxious to watch the full episode which was aired a week after.

He learned the Philippine Bamboo dance, the Tinikling. Ria and I guessed right--we thought Tinikling would be the first, if not the perfect thing he could learn here if ever. Days before the airing, our anticipation grew so as our questions. When did he come? Where did he stay? Did anyone see him? And the desperate question: WILL HE COME BACK?

The Filipinos are naturally close-knitted. This could be seen in social networking sites (a country so small as Philippines belongs to the top 10 or top 15 countries with most users); naturally, the Filipino fans are close-knitted too. Within a day or two, everyone in the fandom, and even the people from other fandoms, were informed of the news. A day or two before the airing, more proof came such as the fan who works at the hotel where he stayed, and the tear-jerking accounts of the dancers he worked with. One said, "He's such a lovable person! Very humble."

Oh Tego, How I strongly hope to see you someday. ;_;

Despite the celebration, there's still the bashing. The skeptics who wouldn't believe (they were, before the full ep. was aired), the cynics who said Tego might have been circling the country but the fans were scarce so one spotted him, and the haters who said Tegoshi doesn't deserve the attention. A friend told me all about this, frustrated, yet we ended up laughing. "Whatever they say! We're the lucky ones!"

Lucky is an understatement. I feel so blessed. I'm sure every Filipino fan feels the same.

Even though it was only a 20-30 minute segment and we actually expected a lot more (e.g. going to Boracay--our world-famous white sand beach!), Tegoshi doing poses at the Manila Bay, learning a Filipino dance from Filipino dancers and saying "Sankyuu PO!" (Po is a Filipino word used for respect *its equivalent in Japanese is ございます*), are definitely reasons to be proud of being a Filipino koneko-chan.

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Me after realizing a dream come true and a dream crushed ><
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...It's troublesome.

It has become like WordPress. Even though WP was the first blogging platform I learned to use, I don't like that LJ is now "modernizing" itself. I love the out-of-date look more. It makes the users unique. It gives me the fangirl state of mind.

Fortunately, we can just switch back to the old version anytime. But I don't wanna do it soon. I'd like to give the new ver a try.

Till then! ♥

Aaaaaand before I forget: I HAVE A POEM.

NEWS is back
with more swag
it's another soccer-themed song
that'll top 'em all!

LOL charot xD

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04 May 2014 @ 10:33 pm
Long ago I was already thinking of doing a review of NEWS MAKES YOU HAPPY! MAKES THE WORLD HAPPIER! concert. Then March 19, the DVD release date, came; and with all of excited NEWS fans I watched the con immediately... Not forgetting my plan to write a review. I watched it 2 times, 3 times, 4 times, 5 times, preparing my cellphone just in case I can think of something to put in the review! But after a week of watching I gave up. Conclusion: I am forever lazy. Or I was just dumbstruck by the awesome concert, maybe.

After a few weeks the LJ comm for Singaporean Paanas sg_paanas held a contest. A giveaway that greatly inspired me to do the review--at least in a spontaneous way. So I did! I'm proud that it's my most spontaneous analyzation ever. Most importantly, I never expected that this spontaneity would turn into a beautiful post. I'm very proud of my work okay. *teary-eyed*

This is gonna be long but crammed because the more I want to edit it the more I get lost XD I'll be talking about the concert itself. *excluding the cut scenes*

Read on...Collapse )

P.S. Belated happy birthday KEIICHAN!!! I did not make a bday post for you here in LJ but sweeear I was very active greeting you on FB. And I did a decent tumblr post! I love you Koyamama. All my wishes for your 30th year of existence ♥

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