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08 October 2010 @ 02:38 pm
Welcome to leitoph, woof!
            2016-02-29 10.30.02_20160302021314936.jpg
Say yow to MAXX, my wonderful Golden mix. He's not as friendly as most Retrievers are,
but he makes a good guard dog, and is a sweet companion to the people close to him :)


This livejournal is a memento of different things and thoughts mostly revolving around the JPop idol group NEWS; especially its youngest member,  the shitty Tegoshi Yuya. Well, you'd instantly know that this is a fandom account, and a nice one at that. I am a blogger and I spend most of the time being an analytical, rant-all-ramble-on fangirl!

But I do not post regularly. I admit it's much nicer to use social media which is more practical, particular, and gives people chances to be famous and viral! Not that I'm giving hints that I want to be famous and viral... but yeah I do heheh *insert cool sunglasses emoji*

As for the 'journal' aspect, at first this site was treated like a diary (and it still is, at times). However, the things I prioritize posting now are music reviews, or any reviews, as long as they don't get far from the purpose of this blog.


The purpose of this blog are my fandoms. I am a very Tegoshi-biased fangirl but I can get gaga over NEWS anytime (music reviews aside, I love any discussions about all the members!). I also have/had a couple of posts about KARA, Avatar the Last Airbender, and Messi from FC Barcelona.

Along the years, I've gained and lost fandoms; some faves are still faves, some remained as memories and many I have yet to explore. This journal has been a partial witness to my fandom growth and changes. Here are my present fandoms, updated 2016:

Panic! At The Disco*
(*I became a fan months after this update~)

This is to give you an idea what I might be blogging about at the time of this update. Oh, but I'm really Tegoshi biased, I cannot ensure anything but him alone! *hmm, that sounded life-threatening tho hahaha*

To put it nicely, I cannot guarantee anything but the music reviews and Tegoshi-related ramblings and appreciation posts.


Tegoshi-related ramblings and appreciation posts. That's what the blogger is about… in the fandom world. Otherwise, I am a typical ambivert who sways between loving the spotlight, the loud giggles in the crowd and carefree proclamations; and being a loner, stuttering as I speak, and fearing the human race. I have a keen interest in Psychology as long as its not too Science-y, and Philosophy as deep as my brain could handle :p I self-study Astrology (I’m telling you, it’s more than just the Zodiac Signs). I hate sleeping and if only it’s possible I could stay awake 24/7.

I am a musician. I formally studied Music and performing. I excel in the music part (my teachers and classmates say I do LOL) but the performing part is not apparent because I lack self-confidence—jeez, I’m soooo awkward on stage. I freeze in middle of performances. I dunno why I still can't overcome this. T^T

Anyway, the thing I do best is singing at weddings. This is my comfort zone. When ya’ll gonna be married please invite me as your wedding singer~ although I just realized I’m saying this on a fandom blog and of course you already have your bias’ bandmates as your pick. :p Invite me nevertheless ;)

There you go, I think I said a lot about myself I’ve never elaborated before.
TLDR; look at the pie chart for easy reference! :p

If you read till the end, why, thank you! And please leave a comment, my dog will be happier if you do.
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On track:: 넌 is 뭔들 - MAMAMOO
18 December 2020 @ 10:53 pm
Lately I've been making icons (and other edits) but sadly misplacing them. ><
So I have to make a masterpost for all my graphics. I hope I can always update!
note: because this is a masterpost, not all stuff here are NEWS-related (though most of 'em are~)

icons *NEWS*Collapse )

icons *KARA*Collapse )

bannersCollapse )

headersCollapse )

Feel free to grab; credits are appreciated!
If the f-o banners are too big for your journal, you can always resize the pics to your preferred size ^_^
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On track:: Pokoponpekorya - NEWS
29 November 2017 @ 07:10 pm
It started as wishful thinking between me and dhes19. Each time we met, there were always small talks of what-ifs that included organizing a fan event.

This November, thanks to the big help of our co-organizers tegophilic, Kibuta and Sol, with contributions from local and international fans, our dream to host an event did happen!

Due to content involving several people which calls for privacy--and I don't want this post to be friends-only hehe--I decided not to share everything (you can see more photos of the event on my Facebook album and on the event page)

The poster promoting the event

There was only more than a month of planning so we had to take things in a fast pace and not expect too much. Again, the big help of the co-organizers made things smoother and a lot easier. We wouldn't have plenty of pretty giveaways, prizes, and sponsors, if not for them ♥

Venue: Yuchi's Coffee Shop
Time: 1-5pm

Two of the organizers (ate Diane and Kibuta) headed early to the venue as they were in charge of the material aspect of the event, while the two of us (me and Dhes) who fetched the attendees from north and south pick-up points became the event's MCs. Sol unfortunately wasn't able to attend, but for a very good reason: she was on an overseas trip.

MC-ing is not as easy as Keiichan shows it to be xD

The party started almost two hours late! We had to make big adjustments to the programme. Otherwise, it was a successful party, full of fun and freebies.

We didn't get to play many of the games in our list because of the program delay but those activities were the notable ones. From an icebreaker game of answering fandom-related questions based on color of lollipop picked, there was a guessing game, an adaptation of the "Hep Hep Hooray" which we called Tei Tei Po, and trivia quiz. The highlight of the event was probably the monomane as it got everyone cheering for the ~abashed~ participants in front. It was worthy, though!

One of the event's (well, the venue's) amenities was the face printed on the drink. Along with the food, it's the reason why the event ticket was expensive. Oiii that's a secret--and it's not a secret anymore xD

The raffle draw was my favorite part. Every single attendee got a major prize, to top off the already-bountiful mini prizes distributed during the games.
We wrapped up the party with photo ops and recording a short video message to NEWS. Tei~!

I was a little disappointed with the limited time we had watching Tegoshi/NEWS media on the TV, but then, maybe that's where the idea of NEVERLAND concert viewing came in during our afterparty chat. If NYUSU.ph won't do it, there's a possibility that our team will! ♥
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On track:: PERFECT HUMAN (LIVE) - RADIO FISH & NEWS collaboration
11 November 2017 @ 09:18 pm

I sadly can't make a longer separate post here on time, but I don't want to leave my LJ blank on his special day. Below is the link to one of my Tumblr posts ↓


I... have actually been emotional for days now. It's overwhelming on many levels, words can't even explain. ;o; Congratulations on your 30th year of existence, Tegoshi!


(credits for these photos: inala, newsnoai, graphicabyss, weibo, twitter)

Would you mind a bit of fictional backdrop?:p

Long ago... Not so long ago... Just about the years of this millenium, Masuda Takahisa, the prince of yellow sunshine and gyozas, has been wearing the saaaame crown for yeeeears. Of course, crowns don't just "change" unless you change status, but in this kingdom--magical it secretly is, there is an abundance of crowns!! Prince Masuda, however, sticks to his crown; he'd have it adjusted sometimes, change the color, add or subtract gems, and at rare occasions he wears it differently, but it was discernibly the same crown and his subjects have been watchful about it. He's their prince, after all.

One day, he gathered his people on the tribune of his palace. There was nothing to say--as soon as subjects came in from the heavy, stylish metal door, they were filled with confusion and awe! Crows crowed, chickens stayed in the air and pigs talked... What happened to our prince? HE'S WEARING A DIFFERENT CROWN, WHAT THE FLOCK

Oops, not that crown, but that crown under that crown.:)

We are all subjects of Massu's kingdom--okay, let's jump back from AU--we are all part of the fandom and therefore we've had something said at least once in regards to his new hairstyle. We were shocked, but weren't shook with his new hair as much as the fact that he never reverted it since that episode. He decided to keep it, for the reason that he actually likes it!

What do you think? I am loosely watchful over hairstyle changes because I experienced how the fandom reacted when, years earlier, Tegoshi transformed into a blond--it wasn't something that made everyone upset, but it affected a number of Tegoshi fans enough that they withdrew from the fandom (they didn't leave because of the blond hair alone; instead, the blond was the 'trigger' that made them realize Tegoshi wasn't the same anymore.)

*insert moment of silence T^T*
*and a blond Tegoshi just because :3*

Massu's an entirely different story: it was only his hair that changed. Yet, Massu's hair isn't only hair!!! His hair is one of his trademarks, the thing that makes Massu, Massu™. Throughout the years his hairstyles underwent little and temporary changes; the red hair in 2011 being the boldest, but it didn't look quite out of the box because prior to that he was already experimenting with colors and highlights.

Change became real when the newest style revealed something we've rarely seen before: Massu's forehead. It's the equivalent of topless Massu, which we also rarely see because macho guy is a conservative idol, although we know he rocks the half-nude. (EDIT: YES HE ROCKS THE HALF-NUDE. GO SEE IT AT THE END OF THE PICSPAM)

And that's why, even if his change in style isn't an indicator of a major character change like Tegoshi's, many fans won't probably get used to it. Will you? Or have you gotten used to it by now?

Do you like Massu's new hairstyle or not?(Answering 'no' does not mean you're already bashing, it's called preference xD)

I... answered... yes. This may be odd but I love his new style even if it sometimes looks like it came out straight from the 90's--especially when it's parted in the middle (and that's the exact reason my sister says no!)

I think it suits the shape of his face and the forehead peek is creative this way, rather than trying a mohawk (which would be awful) or plainly growing out the fringe. It also doesn't look very outdated because of his hair color. And I like how he could do many twists to it! Like, it added to the fashionista vibe Massu's been giving off through his stylish garments and ecletic accesories.

I'd honestly say that this change took away the forever-youthful image of Masuda Takahisa. When he stopped looking the same from baby era, to junior era, even to Quartetto era (basically in all these years there were no signs of aging!!), the illusion that he never ages is now so effin' crushed. In just a matter of a new hairstyle, he visibly matured. No more bebi buta Masshuuu (๑´・_・`๑) But, the guy is already 31! If matured-looking Masuda is the new thing, I'm glad this happened. The transition from cute to hot is so incredible any other member wouldn't be able to beat it.

I'm assuming you skipped all these ramblings above for the picspam hehehehe~ Without further ado, here are my fave Massu new look/new hair/parted hair photos:

P-I-C-S-P-A-M-!!!Collapse )

Belated happy 31st birthday Massu! This wasn't supposed to be a birthday post, but there's no better time to do it ;)

24 June 2017 @ 12:02 pm

Just when I thought I'm past the habit of making anniversary posts because I've ran out of ideas to write, and tbh my yearly contents were all the same, my 7th year in the fandom is the obvious oddity. Even last year's start of fangirling over Panic! At The Disco pales to how shook my emotions are this year. (And did you know that Western Pop music completely took me back into its arms? *gasp! and more gasps ala Selena Gomez*)

But this blog is mainly dedicated to NEWS, and at most times, when I say "fandom" I automatically mean NEWS. I also know you came to this post for NEWS so yes I'll give you NEWS. Leave the cake at my door. :p

However, inadvertent it always is (no, don't believe that--I've always done it on purpose), this blog post will focus on Tegoshi. Not only because he's my bias. If my last LJ entry talked about Koyama not onlybecause it was his birthday but for the troubles he was facing that time, it's unfortunately the same with Tego. Only it can be considered worse. Great man meets great fallback. World eats boy. (At this point I'm talking not in a Fan sense, though the next paragraphs are guaranteed to be more fangirl-sounding... and emotional. I guess I'm still warming up xD)

First things first. I can't believe I have spent 7 years in the fandom. That's 1/3 of my life on Earth! I never forgot the day I fell for subgroup Tegomass for their music, and how the curiosity for the main group NEWS turned into something big, that less than a year afterwards, nobody could calm me down as I cried over Tegoshi Yuya for no reason other than I was just  a fan.

It's not that hard to accept things. I can proudly say that I'm an obsessive-but-not-possessive fangirl. While I can provide a blueprint of "how to snatch Tegoshi and lock him up in my house" (jk. jk. jooooke), I won't do that, because what will happen to my gazillion Tego OTPs? I believe that the more, the merrier, so it warms my heart seeing Tegoshi gain wider fame and more fans. He got out of the shadows--that's the secret reason I got over RyoPi withdrawal that fast. EviL LaUgH harharharharhar

In spite of my extremely Tegoshi-centric fangirling during the first years, I couldn't envisage him in a successful future without the rest of the group. NEWS worked as a team and they became STRONG AF, INSEPARABLE AF, LOVABLE AF; showed they are ARTISTIC/MUSICAL AF, and most importantly: HOT AF!! (lol this makes me sound perv af) For the hundreds of thousands of fans, NEWS was/is why we love NEWS. I get more offended when NEWS is being targeted than when it's Tegoshi alone. The group is my treasure, I've expressed a lot of positivity about them. It's all genuine. Side by side, my admiration for NEWS grew big and my attachment to Tegoshi grew deep, vice versa.

I wanted this entry to be thoughtfully detailed by making it a Fandom History post (a.k.a. my fangirl journey 2010-present! I started to write regular journals coinciding with the time I started to be a NEWS fan so yes I can chart my fangirl timeline) but that wasn't what I originally meant when I said I'll post my anniversary post early; besides, my different accounts dedicated to this crazy roller coaster of emotions lifestyle have spoken way louder than any single illustrative post. Secret # 2: I've had many NEWS-related accounts/blogs and some of them gained prominence in the fandom without revealing I am behind those ;) What are these accounts? Secret~

Anyway, added to the fact that NEWS fandom is collectively peaceful, because NEWS love surprising us fans, the excitement was always there and it was nearly impossible that the feelings will die out. This place has become such a huge part of my life--more than the longevity, although I consider it too because rarely I get attached to something--it's the heart and mind investment that counts. The dedication. The passion. Here's one more secret: I silently judged those who left the fandom. I was really devoted to NEWS that I didn't understand why the other 'devotees' could just leave like that, especially in the recent years, when the group is at its peak in activity. Why abandon when everything finally feels right? The more the merrier was my philosophy when it comes to this, so when anybody stopped being a fan, I took it to heart.

2016 suddenly became a turning point. Maybe because I was subconsciously stressed about entering adulthood, or maybe it was P!ATD bursting the bubble that's been long enclosed in NEWS, or maybe it was caused by my forming doubts on Tegoshi's attitude and behavior (more on the next paragraphs) that I fathomed the feeling of decreasing enthusiasm. I realized that the level of love could stay the same, but you can love that thing andnot be overly passionate about it. Furthermore, my disappointment over leaving fans was gone, and I learned that many of those who left didn't actually stopped loving NEWS; they just stopped at acting like fans and doing fan things.

To comprehend these... It felt liberating, yet it bothered me somehow. I was still very attached to Tegoshi and the fandom, and the dwindling of passion was conficting with the strong feelings I still have inside.

still a long post ahead!Collapse )

Things are getting back to normal. 2017 is generally delightful for NEWS, with NEVERLAND album being their most musically daring album yet, the 3-month concert tour comes to an emotional finish. Koyama is again chosen for 24hrTV. There are new J-web corners. SCP's doing great; they've got more time for group bonds, and a simultaneous boom in indivudual/duo shows and projects. The members' relationship are stronger than ever (generic statement but very true, they're stronger than ever). Fandom's turning 15 next year! Once a dream, now the norm, NEWS is heading to an amazing direction. If Koyama and Tegoshi's rumors have one positive implication, it is the fact that NEWS is now worthy to be publicized with that kind of attention. While not exactly pleasant, it's an indicator that NEWS has definitely piqued the consciousness of virtually anyone in Japan.

And there goes my ichiban. All I've really wanted for him is to be a good person. It is a blanket term because 'good' can mean a lot of things. Obviously, I don't expect him to become an altruist or give up his current lifestyle. I don't want him to tone down. I just hope he'd be more mindful, with the personal potential he's got, and the kind of focus he utilizes to achieve things... He could be a reckless idol yet a responsible person at the same time. How about inspiring? He already is. Just his presence can make his fans dream big, think big. You've heard him speak seriously, it's almost enlightening. Everyone could muse about his face, his voice, his physical/mental/emotional strength and abilities. The catch is, inspiration can't be seen, so only us who stand by him can understand how clear an inspiration Tegoshi radiates.

It's theoretically hard to have intense feelings for someone who doesn't even know you, but if that intensity has found its way to your system, it turns into faith. I'm proud that I support Tegoshi, in a myriad of ways and in the brightest and darkest of days, such as this. I want to say it's Love but the term is always debatable in celebrity-fan situations... However, even some people in actual relationships don't think about their partners in depth and isn't concerned much with the character, the potential, the good and the bad, and how things could be in the long run. Maybe I am just the overthinker kind, but with all that's embraced is it still wrong to say that I love Tegoshi? I believe that these seven years are love, regardless of distance, regardless of not knowing everything. In spite of my often exaggerations and misjudgements. The faith is there. I love Tegoshi Yuya and I love NEWS. I may not be as enthusiastic as before but this love has become a constant thing--it never ends.

One last secret: When I saw the photos and reports of Tegoshi crying at the con, I cried for him at least twice a day for five days straight. "Apathetic", huh :p Not really relevant to everyone but to this post! xD Happy 7th anniversary to me :)


*It's my first time to post through LJ mobile which I think is a huge disadvantage because of limited controls, and I have no idea how it would appear on browsers. Pls bear if the post turns out cluttered*

Koyama is now 33 years old and three years in his 30's say not so much appearance-wise. Unlike people whose face don't age, Koyama's face gets youngeras he ages! Still, there's lot of unspoken words about this person; he's sometimes taken at face value and for the role he plays in the group: the leader. Undoubtedly true, but Koyama's more than these. He's a newscaster--he's influencial. Among NEWS, he's the one attuned to the pulse of the general public, whether he's ever made it visible or not. This tall dork know what motivates people, and he's glad to be pulled along because he also knows how to pull along, in his own way. In other words, Koyama is secretly a business tycoon. Joke.

The point is, Koyama is smarter and more noble than what he shows to fans. With him, things fall into place. Might as well check yourselves because Koyama must've made you fall under his influence... a good kind of it. *He's a good person so he'll only leave an imprint of good things ;)*

The way of the Keiichan...Collapse )

12 April 2017 @ 05:24 pm

April 12 is rad, astrology says! Technically, my anniversary in the Panic! At The Disco bandom is still 10 days from now, but today marks the exact first year of my rediscovery of the band. What makes it special, it's the frontman of a one-man band's (HAHAHAHAHAHA) date of birth--HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRENDON BOYD URIE!

(cr: popbuzz)

Happy 30th beeboday. Blessed guy is now 30. /Show praise with your body, stand up, sing Hallelujah. Hallelujah!/ I'm personally excited for what I'll see over the net for Beebo's birthday; P!ATD fans are some of the most creative folks I have ever seen. And lover of memes, as belonging to the lover of memes, emo kids and post-emo kids will always have sarcasm on the upfront. I wanna know why they got me going and it seems I already found one of the answers: memes.

I easily jumped in to the fast-growing fanbase (or BANDwagon, you could say) because of the amount of memes that made me laugh when I started to stan Panic!. Top with Brendon's naturally meme-worthy face, his grandiose expressions and "voice higher than my grades" claims, it was very easy to dig further and further that the memes I saw were already repeating. Then again, P!ATD fandom belongs to the most creative folks I've seen so we don't run out of memes; Brendon himself makes new ones, sadly not through shortlived site Vine but he still makes memes out of his actions, words... and face.

(cr: coupdemain--this was posted only a day ago!)

Of course, it's not all about memes or the laughs factor. It doesn't even comprise half of the reasons why it gets me going. The songs, whether they're Ryan Ross-origins or Brendon Urie-composed (or Dallon, or Jon or Spencer or... Brent?) speak to me until now. It doesn't have to be the lyrics, the music gives me life. But the lyrics are genius too--these had made P!ATD a breakout act in the first place.

Music videos are eccentric, though not ultra-eccentric it loses its 'pop' factor. Brendon said P!ATD is pop, albeit it's also different from a pop band; lol I wouldn't even start discussing what genre Panic! is because Panic! defies genre. What Brendon probably meant by pop is Panic! exists to reach everybody's airwaves by their 'slightly' controversial concepts (1, 2), out of the box lyricism, music adapted from music, and exuberance. My goodness, Brendon's exuberance. *warning, brief mention of bias ahead~* Tegoshi may be hyper but Brendon is HIGHper he might have outdid Johnny's with his backflips. Heck, he outdid most future with his forehead.

*Sorry, this is an inside joke :p*

About the "music adapted from music" part, P!ATD's critics would agree that the band is not big on originality. Every album is inspired by certain artists, like when A Fever You Can't Sweat Out was a product of trying to be different from their Garage Rock neighbors in Las Vegas, it ended up sounding like a Fall Out Boy rehashed. Pretty. Odd. could be mistaken to be a The Beatles demo album. Vices and Virtues was more original, but then it was also similar-sounding with '80s alternative rock. Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die! was another attempt to be different, for Panic! to be different from itself and so it contains electronic tracks, akin to underground electronic bands. Death Of A Bachelor was an obvious fusion of Sinatra and Queen--Brendon is proud of imitating his idols, whether critics say he fails or is trying hard.

But you can't really question the originality of Panic!'s music when music is largely sampled especially in the era of today. What they are complaining about, maybe, is the argument that Panic! is and should be an alternative band, not a music act which strives to do metal at one point, and Broadway musical the next. This kind of experimentation should be left to the legends--wait, isn't Beebo already a legend? :p

For the record, Brendon is a drunk legend. He likes beer, vines about beer, includes any kind of hard drinks in his lyrics, etcetera. As long as he knows where to draw the line, and it appears he does, then I'll see beer on every casual video and not make qualms. Brendon has/had ADHD and while conditions are usually not to be thankful for, his own drove him to be the experimental guy, the no-brainer when it comes to new things. Because he believes that Crazy = Genius He has tried playing about 20 instruments. He aquires skills just because. He can do stunts, he jumps from rooftops to pools, he can dance and act (we're just waiting for his big break in Hollywood lol), he can pull off a transvestite, he can make a stadium-full audience laugh for 15 minutes straight. But he doesn't do that, he'll just jump from topic to topic. Most importantly, he can narrate a full rad history even when drunk!

Brendon is legitimately nice. Figuratively, he likes to include everyone in the big tour bus (don't try to crowd him though, he has anxiety) and swim in invisible waters with the sharks until we drown. Or if that is morbid (yeah that is), he just wants everyone to treat each other equally and with respect. He doesn't hide his bold opinions of what's good, bad and dirty, he never holds back calling out the bigots: he has tirades against Trump, against homophobes, against sexists, against bullies, against himself when he was younger, etc. Together with his natural creativity, his good heart makes him a true unicorn (his MBTI is ENFP by the way *o*)

He loves his wife. Brendon and Sarah are #CoupleGoals!!!! In their 8 years of being together and almost 4 years of marriage, Brendon consistently expresses adoration for Sarah, like a true fanboy (awwwwweeee). I mean it ain't the end of all things, though that was his wedding vow :p If I have one wish for Brendon's birthday, it is for their family to stay strong and grow in the years ahead!

(cr: banyabell.tumblr)

He really is my spirit animal. He has flaws, he had depression, as the youngest he was spoiled, he was rebellious, was a fuccboi in the past and had fought with band members. These don't outweigh the positive things he possess, and the good qualities he evolved to. I love his busy, wandering mind. I love his dedication to music. I love his flamboyance, showing off the stuff he can do, 'cause why not? I love his stand on social issues. I love how he always remind his fans to be fearless and expressive. "You're a treasure, not trash."

Many more fans, especially those who've seen him in real life, would testify how inspiring of a human being Brendon is. In this birthday post, I hope I've condensed everything I know, what I love about him and Panic!, why the person and the band gets me going. Can I say more, I'm ready to go.

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On track:: Ready To Go - Panic! At The Disco
28 March 2017 @ 09:47 pm
For the past months, I've been trying to post things other than my obligatory Music reviews and year-enders, but I can't. It seems that my thoughts on things other than the aforementioned subject matters don't matter anymore. No one has made me feel this way, but I do; and I don't know how or why, but I still do.

Just for the week I had two drafts written but I stress over whether to post them or not. For one, the contents speak of being real, and though I don't think I've been pretentious big-time, I know I've also been hiding many things. When there's a flick of courage-mixed-honesty influencing my emotions to write, as soon as I finish the posts I'm back to sucking them up. And there's more guilt in that, because I already prepared my mind to expose--then suddenly I'll snap: Wait! Is this right? Isn't this too bothersome? Is this essential? Resulting in frustration topping frustrations.

I'm frustrated with many things, dear journal, and they don't show. I wish I could talk about them but again, what just happens is the description above.

EDIT (April 10): With the recent major changes that's happened in LiveJournal, its management and the terms, it is like a blessing in disguise for keeping me watchful over the site again nowadays. Moreover, in case anything dire happens to Livejournal, I created a Dreamwidth account where all my entries are imported, and crossposted from now on!

Addict I am, A D D I C T D E S U

P.S. I have a new "fandom" (not yet full-fledged fan but ugh I'm addicted enough)

Even though they're also 4 members now *cries*
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On track:: I Wanna Be Free - Panic! At The Disco
01 March 2017 @ 09:37 pm
Happy 2017! Well, we're practically done with the 'New Year' celebrations now; but as this is my first post for the new year I'll be starting with a music review, one I have missed doing so much.

Last year, I skipped writing for 恋を知らない君へ (Koi wo shiranai kimi e) when halfway through my review of the single the text file was corrupted. What a loss, it was an interesting time for NEWS--it was their busiest schedule in their whole career so far! In the middle of bustling activities the music they've released was quite a successor for January's ballad ヒカリノシズク--essentially a ballad single (3/4 of the single are slow songs!), Koi wo is the sound you were silently longing for in NEWS.

But they've built their image around concepts that are apt for the bold... thus, they keep coming back for it. The newest single, EMMA, straightforwardly tells you that they're not done with チャンカパーナ and KAGUYA and チュムチュム’s bombastic sound yet. Putting aside the Classical, the ballads, and the sports tracks, NEWS' real strength in their discography lies in the way they make controversial A-sides coupled with hidden treasures that are the B-sides. EMMA, like the older successful singles, does it again.

►L-R: Limited Edition (LE) A, LE B, and Regular Edition covers◄

General comments

The paragraphs above are considered part of the general comments, but hey, let's make this section more specific. EMMA is the OP for the TV adaptation of 嫌われる勇気 (Kirawareru Yuuki), and in which Shige is one of the main characters. /Thank you Shige for constantly giving NEWS themes songs for singles!/

This is my first time to talk about the jacket covers, the second most controversial bit (yeah, the single is that controversial that we even have a plausible rank). At first glance of the covers they're totally unrelated to NEWS; look in any way and they're still random pieces of material which would've been done better by the fans. Not to be rude, really, but it was the general consensus. Judging a book by its cover is still prevalent; especially that we judge an idol group's jacket covers by the idols' faces, not the face of someone else.

The title EMMA itself was a mystery, and the costumes, choreography and lyrics are controversies. In spite of the discernible similarities with the past singles, EMMA has a unique and striking presentation--bolder than ever, it keeps NEWS on the relevance, but with a more matured viewpoint as all of them will be now in their 30's this year.

What's the most important thing in EMMA? Arguably not the title track. There are always hidden gems found in the B-sides, extra special this time around. Whether to satiate fans with a good throwback or just another way of being innovative, remakes are often anticipated especially if done by the same artist. NEWS did a remake of two of their most popular songs pre-4nin: さくらガール (Sakura Girl) and I · ZA · NA · I · ZU · KI; so yes, it's not really arguable that this is the most important thing in the single.

Still to throw in the already wild blend are the "Snow" songs. Although not religiously, NEWS have Season-themed tracks and for this winter there are two--a very generous move, since usually there is only one Season song per release. That way, I feel like EMMA (the single) isn't actually rushed as opposed to how EMMA (the song) appeared (from the jacket covers to the fact that the PV was shot a little before the new year). Rushed or not, in terms of the quality of the music the single is extensively thought-out. It is approached in a polarizing manner; age-old tricks for the new songs and new quips for the remakes.

Song by song comments

01 EMMA is nothing new, except that it is the ultimate rehash of NEWS' novelty hits--meaning everything is combined in here. チャンカパーナ 3.0? KAGUYA 2.0? Retro twin of MR. WHITE? A Western チュムチュム? A Country 恋のABO? Another バンビーナ (Bambina)? Yes, the song is all of that. Yet the wild mesh the song is founded on may be the very reason EMMA is nonviable, as it sounds like it is just there to follow the working pattern... For the love of nasty, loud titles... For the novelty.

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This single's overall feel is more than a winter affair. EMMA is summer-hot, Sakura Girl is for spring, I · ZA · NA · I · ZU · KI's autumn sentiments and the 'Snow' songs direct take on winter... With these characteristics, it's almost as complete as an album. And we don't really need to think about a new album because after this single was released, an announcement for a new album came! Let's look forward to NEVERLAND, and I hope I could make a review for it as well.

Single rating: ♪♪♪♪ (Four lovely eighth notes out of 5!)
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